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Some Uses of Knives with Fixed Blades

Knives with fixed blades can be compared with folding knives in which the blade is not fixed. Given that, there are contrasting differences between both knives which determine their usage for the completion of various tasks.

The knives that possess fixed blades are useful in completing various tasks in our day-to-day life, including for any difficult cutting due to their sturdiness.

Listed below are some functions of fixed-blade knives that you should be aware of so that you can use them for the right purpose.

To pry doors and windows

An important usage of these knives is they can be used to separate things which may be difficult at certain times. Therefore, the same knife can also be used for opening a door or window in case of an emergency.

As force opening is not easy as you think, you will require a knife with a strong handle which can be found in these knives with fixed blades when compared to the ones with a movable one.

For self-defence

Due to certain surroundings being dangerous, you may be required to carry a knife along with you to attack any potential predator who may attack you.

Even though a foldable knife is generally used for this purpose, even an unfoldable knife can be used. However, to make sure you are not harmed by carrying it along with you, cover the knife with a leather covering.

Despite these factors, these knives can be more effective for self-defensive purposes as you do not need to press any button to make use of the knife as in the foldable ones as well as they are comparatively sturdy though they are heavier.

To cut ropes

Cutting rope is another activity that can be done using knives, specifically by using a folding one. On the other hand, the other type which is fixed is stronger.

Hence, it would be much more beneficial to use a knife with a fixed blade for this purpose as a foldable knife with a small blade will not help you accomplish the task. You can browse our range of fixed blade knives and carry them along with you so that you can use them for any similar task.

To hammer

Another interesting use of a fixed-blade knife is you can use it to hammer a nail on a wall or wood in case of an emergency and you are unable to find a hammer.

This is possible once again because they generally possess a strong handle that can be useful for such purposes.

To open cans

Opening cans can be infuriating because at times it may take ages to simply open a can without spilling over any content.

Thus, in case of unavailability of a can opener, you can use a fixed-blade knife as a substitute to open any kind of can that you may find difficult to open. Ensure to use one with a sharp blade to avoid facing troubles during the process.

Bottom line

These are some benefits of fixed blade knives which make it evident that they can be used for various tasks even when compared to folding ones.

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