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Benefits of Time Slot Deliveries

It is important to plan the transportation of goods from one point to other when it comes to complex modern supply chains. Time slot deliveries are one option you can consider when it comes to increased convenience and reducing costs.

The main benefit of time slot deliveries

Is that a lot of uncertainties when it comes to when and where the shipments are delivered will be eliminated. The time window offered by traditional deliveries tends to be quite vague but with time slot deliveries, you will have a specific timeframe within which the item will be delivered. This can be incredibly convenient for customers and suppliers. The customers will also start to build confidence in the reliability of the supplier. You can learn more about freight companies that offer this service. Customer expectations are very high when it comes to modern e-commerce and therefore having a specific delivery slot can reduce the risk of cancelling an order. Customers are more likely to complete the purchase when there is an assurance their goods will be delivered on time and this also allows them to plan the day around the delivery. For example, a customer can choose to stay home during this time slot so that they don’t miss the delivery.

Missed deliveries can be quite costly

For the customers and the suppliers and this risk can be minimised as a result of time slot deliveries. This is because the customer can choose a time slot that they are comfortable with so they know they will be available to receive the package. This way, there is no need for multiple delivery attempts which can help streamline the delivery process. The customer experience will also be improved as the customer has more control. And they will appreciate the chance to choose a time that suits their schedule which will help gain their loyalty to the company as well. They will tell others of this positive experience as well which can help spread word of mouth about the company. And this can help the company gain a lot of recognition. Operational efficiency is increased when considering carriers and suppliers. The logistic providers are able to optimise their routes and efficiently allocate their resources which can bring down the risk of delays. This efficiency is ideal for industries that require a quick turn-around time.

There is also a cost reduction across the supply chain as there is a certainty of delivery.

This makes it easier to optimise inventory management and suppliers don’t need to keep a lot of extra stock. When order cancellations and missed deliveries are reduced, the operations are streamlines as there will be no costs related to attempting to redeliver the package, restocking and returns. The sustainability of time slot deliveries is also quite high as efficient delivery routes can be plans so that unnecessary miles can be reduced. This will lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Real time tracking is provided withtime slot deliveries so that the customers are able to monitor the progress of the delivery.

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