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 Ways to Declutter Your Office Space

We all know the feeling. You’re sitting at your desk, trying to focus on work, but your eyes keep straying to the pile of papers that needs to be filed, the coffee mug that’s been sitting out for days, and the general mess that seems to be taking over your workspace. It can be tough to stay productive when your environment is cluttered, so in this blogyou’ll learn 10 tips for decluttering your office space.

  1. Get rid of anything you don’t need

If you haven’t used it in the past six months, chances are you won’t use it going forward. Either throw it out, or donate excess office supplies to a local school or not-for-profit organisation.

  • Make use of storage racks

These are great for organising file folders, binders, and other materials that you need quick access to but don’t want cluttering up your workspace.Buy office storage racks online.

  • Create a system for incoming and outgoing mail

Have a designated spot for bills that need to be paid and another spot for mail that can be immediately thrown away. Consider investing in a small shredder to get rid of any sensitive documents.

  • Shut off your email notifications

Constant dings and pop-ups can be distracting, so turn off those notifications and only check your email a few times throughout the day.

  • Keep your desk clear

Only have items on your desk that are absolutely essential. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy, get rid of it!

  • Label everything

This will help you find what you need quickly and put things back in their proper place when you’re finished with them.

  • Set a weekly cleaning schedule

Whether it’s dusting surfaces or taking out the trash, having a designated day (or half-day) for cleaning will help keep your office space looking neat and tidy.

  • Invest in some plants

Not only do they add a pop of colour and life to your space, but they also purify the air and boost your mood. Just make sure to choose plants that are easy to care for – no one wants more work added to their plate!

  • Hang up some art

Personalise your space with some artwork or photos that make you happy – seeing things that you love will help make being in the office more bearable.

  1. Take some time each day to straighten up

At the end of each workday, take a few minutes to put things back in their proper placesothatyoucanstartthenextdaywithacleanslate.A fewminutes of preventioncan savehours of clutter and chaos.

Incorporate these tips into your work routine today

We hope these tips were helpful! A decluttered office space can do wonders for your productivity and state of mind – not to mention impressing any clients or customers who may drop by unexpectedly!

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