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Using Facebook Shops for ECommerce

Before you can begin selling using any of the platforms that Facebook provides, you need to first create a Facebook account. To begin selling through Shops, you must first establish a Facebook Business Page that includes an email address for customer care. You will also need the information of a bank account or a method for accepting payments.

What you can and can’t sell- There are rules governing what kinds of things may and should not be offered on Facebook’s platform. Having a physical item that can be sold is the single most crucial item to keep in mind. You are unable to utilise Facebook as a distribution platform if your product catalogue comprises digital items such as electronic books or services. If you simply don’t have time to look into the details of FacebookeCommerce, make sure to get in touch with the facebook marketing agency Brisbane

There are still certain restrictions placed on the categories of tangible goods that can be offered for sale on Facebook. You are not permitted to sell hazardous goods or materials, swallowable supplements, used cosmetics, land, pets, firearms, munitions, adult products, tobacco or alcohol and the accessories associated with them. Before they can be sold in your Facebook store, your items must first be vetted and given the green light by an administrator.

Using Facebook Shops to do business- Facebook Shops is simply a service that assists small companies in establishing an online store that can be accessed by clients through Facebook as well as Instagram. You could also sell things using messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram if you use them. Customers may also be directed to your purchase page by tagging items in live streams that you broadcast on Facebook and Instagram. You may use a Facebook Shop instead of a standalone online store, or you can utilize it in conjunction with the website you already have.

Manual Orders- If you choose to provide Facebook Checkout as a payment option, your orders will be able to be located and managed in your eCommerce manager. You can search for certain orders by using either the client name, the delivery address, or the order ID.

The final selling procedure is as follows, holds are created automatically and shown with the “Hold” status whenever a consumer puts an order through Facebook or Instagram. This hold allows the buyer to change their mind, undergo analysis, and have their payment authorised. You definitely will not be able to complete the order till the hold is lifted. It should be removed after being held for thirty minutes, although it can be left in place for as long as twenty-four hours to ensure the authenticity of the transaction.

Using Facebook Marketplace to do business- The Facebook Marketplace is not quite like other online marketplaces. You are unable to purchase the items directly. It is a location where you may browse for things, but to complete the transaction, you will need to get in touch with the seller personally. This is a tool that may be used for selling on Facebook by individuals as well as businesses.

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