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Types of Workplace Safety Signs

Workplace safety signs are used to provide important information and warning to employees and visitors. These signs will help reduce accidents in the workplace and contribute to the creation of a safe working environment.

Some very important safety signs you will see in the workplace are danger signs that indicate a danger such as hazardous chemicals, high voltage areas or a risk of falling from a great height. These signs will help the employees be aware of immediate danger and these will have a red background with a white pictogram. There will be black lettering that will provide the message. Some workplaces will have a “danger: chemical storage area” to indicate that there are hazardous materials nearby. When handling these materials, there are specific procedures to be followed as well as wearing personal protective equipment. If there are high voltage electrical equipment or lines, you will see a high voltage danger sign so as to prevent employees getting an electric shock. There are universal symbols used so that even if you don’t understand the language, you will be able to understand the gist of the message. For example, the high voltage sign will be accompanied by a lighting bolt symbol.

There are warning signs

That will inform the employees about certain hazards that can cause injuries. These signs will have a yellow background with black symbols and lettering. “Caution: slippery surface” is a common warning sign you will see so that you can prevent slipping on a wet floor. If there is a spill, this sign will be used. If there is an active construction site ahead, this can have many potential hazards such as moving machinery, falling object, heavy equipment etc. You can see “Warning: Construction Zone Ahead” to inform people of this. You will also see “Caution: Watch for Forklifts” in industrial settings so that a visitor to the area or an employee will be more aware of the industrial vehicles and machinery in the space.

There are mandatory signs as well

And these will indicate that you need to take a certain action in order to be safe. These signs have a blue background and the symbols and lettering will be given in white. You will see “Mandatory: Eye Protection Must Be Worn” in areas where eye hazards exist. In noisy environments, you will see “Mandatory: Hearing Protection Required”. When entering a construction site, there can be potential falling objects that can cause severe injuries. To prevent this, you will see “Mandatory: Hard Hat Area” in the sites. There are prohibition signs as well where you will be forbidden from doing a certain action. These come in a white background with a red border. The symbols or lettering on the sign will be in black. You will see “No Smoking” signs in areas where there are flammable gases or liquids. Restricted areas in the workplace will be indicated with “No Entry Without Authorization” signs. Any area that is off limits to individuals will be indicated by “Do Not Enter” signs as there can be safety hazards or ongoing maintenance.

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