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Boarding School Interview Questions

We gathered some of our favourite students from the boarding school, and we questioned them about what they recalled from the interviews they had to get into the institution. Make sure you use this list, to put yourself in the best possible position to ace your school interview. Even though every school has its unique set of requirements, there are some questions that you should always be prepared to answer at an interview. The following are the most often asked questions at interviews for boarding schools.

“How did you learn about us and why do you think you’d be a good fit for boarding schools Brisbane”?. This is one of the more frequently asked questions on the list.You need to be ready to explain why you think their school would be the best fit for you and how it will help you reach your objectives.

“Do you have a favourite subject to study at school?” This question is something that requires a bit of deep thought. There is no denying that academic performance is essential to educational achievement; yet, you could even say extracurriculars.You need to think about how exactly can boarding school give you the best possible preparation for your future.

“Tell me about the school that you now attend. What aspects of it do you enjoy, and what aspects do you think should be improved?”Make it clear what you place the most importance on, and tell the truth about where you feel like you are or aren’t a great fit for your current school.          

“Describe both your strengths and your faults as a person”. This is an inquiry that will follow you into adulthood and continue to be asked of you during that period. People are always interested in learning about your level of self-awareness, whether they are possible employers or educators at boarding schools.

“Tell us one of your success stories”. This can have something to do with academics, but it is not required. It’s not about what you’ve done so much as how passionate you are about what you’ve done, whether it be organising a charity event or a group of volunteers, composing your own song, or assisting a member of your own family.

“Have you been a leader before? Tell us about a few experiences related to your leadership skills”. Again, this presents an excellent chance to show how you’re able to demonstrate initiative in a variety of settings, including the classroom, the playing field, and the laboratory. Show your potential to become a leader in a boarding school, which is known for producing such individuals.

“What are you interested in learning more about?” It’s possible that you don’t know, and that’s just fine. This question is intended to demonstrate that you have at least given some thought to what your career may include and what you might be interested in learning. Don’t get bogged down in the specifics, but make sure you have some goals in mind to talk about.

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